I keep my files in the cloud, isn’t that enough?

Not really! With the increasing prevalence of 'ransomeware' your computer can be infected at any time and all your files encrypted with a code that only the criminals who put it there can unlock. Until you pay them a substantial sum, all your files, documents, photographs, spreadsheets, email will be completely inaccessible to you.

With a snapshot, VQ backup can put you back to a point before the infection happened.

How many computers can I back up?

There is no limit to the number of computers you can back up. However, space available for backup is limited to 100GB for the basic package. Above that level additional space can be bought in increments of 25GB for an additional pro-rata fee.

How far back does my back up go?

We keep the last 10 backups. In otherwords, if you back up daily, we can recover data lost up to 9 (or possibly 10) days previously.  If you back up weekly, we can recover data up to 9 (or possibly 10) weeks previously and so on.

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