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With VQ mail, all your email, contact, diary and task data is held centrally on Microsoft-hosted Exchange servers and can be accessed and used by however many computers, tablets and smartphones you have (of whatever make you prefer). You can even use a web browser on someone else’s computer to access your account.


Whenever anything happens on one device, it immediately updates the information on your account, which in turn updates all the machines attached to your account – in seconds over the airwaves. So you only ever need to do anything once be that writing, reading, deleting, filing or adding new information.


Both for homes and businesses, it is sometimes important to share your data with others. Depending on your needs, we can make some or all of your data, be it contacts, diary, tasks or even email available to your spouse, family or colleagues who also have a VQ mail account.


The Outlook data on the servers is continuously backed up, so you won’t lose it and it is always available to you.

However, this only applies to data in your email account. If you have an archive file on your computer to which you transfer old emails etc, that will need to be backed up separately (see VQ backup). The space available in your VQ mailbox is a whopping 50GB, so there is normally no need for archive VQ mail files. Even if you delete data inadvertently from Outlook, we can still recover it for you for up to 14 days.

Your photos, documents and other data should be backed up separately as the VQ mail data protection does not cover these items (see VQ backup).

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